This One's For Stephen

You guys hear the one about the Christian couple who decide they want to get a Christian pet? They find a kennel specializing in Christian dogs. They pick out a dog they really like. When they ask the dog to fetch the Bible, he does it in a flash. When they tell him to look up Psalm 23, he does it, using his paws with dexterity. They're impressed, so they buy the animal and go home. That night they have friends over. They're so proud of their new Christian dog and his religious skills, they call the dog and start showing him off. The friends are impressed, but they ask if the dog can do any of the usual dog tricks. The couple says, "Well, let's find out." The man says, "Sit!" The dog does nothing. The woman says, ""Lie down!" Zippo. One of the guests says, "Heel!" The couple gets very excited as the dog gets up and goes to the guest, till he puts his paw on the guest's forehead, closes his eyes, and starts to pray.

(from http://www.ozbricks.com/syme1984/crowbar/monstervision/script.html)


Warrior of Zion said...

Awesome!!! Very funny very very funny! I want one!

Narisilme said...

£:) <--Elvis smiley

Do they sell Christian ducks and rabbits, too?

Darth_Harbison said...

*twiddles thumbs* yes, yes, that was very funny and all, but now that's the third joke in a row on your blog that I've heard already . . . let's get some stuff I haven't heard!