The Website Is Here!

Can you believe it?! AJ's music now has an official website, as promised in my last entry! It's got lyrics! It's got information! It's got credits and thank-yous and endorsements and everything you could ever hope for! And this website is.... ::drum roll::


You gotta check it out....

(And if you still don't have a CD, and you want one, let me know. I bought a pack of 20 blank CDs before heading down to San Diego for the annual Campus Crusade Christmas Conference, and I gave out every single one of them. Sweetness.)

(And Christmas Conference was awesome, by the way. I may or may not update about it, but Stephen undoubtedly will. Read all about it at http://idhrendur.conformity-project.org/. And remember to mourn Elmo.)

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Rae said...

im one of your community members and i didnt even know you had one! let alone get one... geez