What I Learned At Church Today

In small group discussion of James 5:7-12:
Dad (group discussion leader): Can anybody think of a specific example of a prophet who displayed patience in suffering?
Brian: Jeremiah?
Dad: Yeah, what was Jeremiah's nickname? [Correct answer: The weeping prophet]
Brian: Jerry?

Tami's analogy about making out before being married: "You're turning the oven on but you can't bake anything."


Cormack McKinney said...

Excellent analogy.

Idhrendur said...

I think it's missing something, but I can't quite phrase it yet. Let me get back to you.

Warrior of Zion said...

ohh Good ol' Crying Jerry!

Idhrendur said...

Okay, I've got it (of course, by now it's questionable whether anyone else will read this).

The only use of an oven is to cook something. So heating it up without intending to cook anything is, of course, ridiculous.

Making out, on the only hand, can serve as more than just a lead up to sex. It can be used for it's own sake. It is an effective way of displaying affection. And yes, it can be dangerous, that's why you set limits. But it isn't necessary to necessarily make it a no-no until marriage (though I certainly won't object to anyone who makes the choice to wait).

And that's what I have to say about that.