A New Link For You To Love

I was going to go for a longer post tonight, but I want to go to bed relatively early, so I'll save that for tomorrow or Wednesday. For now, I'm going to promote a new blog(ish) site that all of you should check out:

So_Thoughtful - Mark's OTHER Xanga

For those of you who have read Mark's blog, I realize it might be daunting to think of a whole other site of his to read. But this one will be shorter. For those of you who have seen and/or read his "Deep Thoughts" on his blog, this new Xanga is basically going to be reserved for "Deep Thoughts." (Read Mark's first two "DT"s here and here.)

In classic DT format (although, strangely enough, not labeled as such), his first post on So_Thoughtful is entitled "On Cruel and Unusual Punishment," and to shamelessly promote my brother for a moment, it's freaking hilarious. I enjoyed every moment of the saga of Yoshi, Bob, Niko, Nike and Caleb, and you will too.

The second post on So_Thoughtful is a quiz to determine your sensitivity to the Force (from Star Wars, you know). I'm not even going to say that I'm shamelessly going to promote this one. This is, flat-out, one of THE funniest things I've ever read online. And if you know much about Star Wars, you'll catch some of the more veiled references. (Stephen will undoubtedly die laughing.) And, if you've read Ender's Shadow, you'll get one of the funniest answers. Mark gets 10,000 points for how to conquer a planet. Go take the quiz, because if laughter is good for the heart, this will add 20 years to your life.


Idhrendur said...

The Ender's Shadow reference was excellent.

But I loved the reference to Mara all the more!

Darth_Harbison said...

:-D Yay for free shameless publicity! I think I can guess, but . . . what are you, Stephen?

Anyway, both my blog and So_Thoughtful will be updated within the next few days.

Darth_Harbison said...

Yeah, nevermind that question, I hadn't seen your comment on the site.