Nothing much to say tonight...

... part of me wonders if it's even worth blogging. But here I go, anyway.

A few more interesting things I came across today at work:

1) The name "Agnes Motton" (which is a wonderfully Dickensian name)

2) The name "Groffery Bambarger" (which sounds like a J.K. Rowling name)

and 3) Someone a few cubicles down from me said to someone else, "Hey, do you want to see an Auschwitz photo?" (part of me can't believe that's what she said, but I could have sworn I heard it that way)

I set another personal record for speed today--actually twice. I was working in Regions, my favorite bank, and I probably processed more than 100 Shelter Mutual Insurance dec pages at around 124 docs per hour, but the numbers were mixed in with several other batches so it wasn't an accurate reading. But no worries--later on I hit a ton of list bills. But these are not annoying list bills, like you might find in OSB or Ameriquest or (save us all) Washington Mutual. These are beautifully clear, easy to read, all-of-them-fit-on-one-page Regions list bills. And I hucked them at 127 docs per hour, towards the end of the night. Ended the day completing 675 docs altogether. (Although why they always come out as round numbers, I couldn't tell you--650, 675....) Good times.

Part of me wants to go read Ender's Shadow, the novel I'm almost halfway through at the moment. (Shameless plug: It's amazing. Read Ender's Game first, and be amazed at one of the greatest stories in science fiction, stand in awe for a little while, then go read Ender's Shadow.) But then another part of me feels like I should sleep tonight, and the rest of me knows that if I start reading I won't be able to stop for a few hours. But... but... maybe just a chapter or two....


maTT said...

I was actually....kinda.....i don't know...disappointed with Ender's Game...[hides quickly behind up-raised arms]....guess it's cause I knew the ending already, and it kind of took out the wonder for me. I liked it, though. I've heard the others are good as well...

Darth_Harbison said...

*sends angry mobs to murder Matt in the night*

Forgive my ignorance . . . what does auschwitz mean? . . . Or don't I want to know?

Mike Morabito said...

auschwitz was a nazi death camp in poland during world war II.

In fact it was the most effective of all the nazi death camps and was responsible for the deaths of many people.

I went there a couple of years ago. I suggest looking up auschwits, when you get a chance because when people refer to the most awful acts devised by hitler auschwits is normally in the same sentence.

In addition, people use the example of auschwits to portray the worst form of evil expressed against other humans.

Moreover, when I was there, they had this room where the nazi's used to shave each person's hair so that it be used to make, clothing, furniture and dolls. And as testament to the horrible acts and promoting the welfare of human dignity the former death camp has left the hair there on display, just so that you get an idea of what the death camp was like.

And so you enter this room and you are taken aback when you see this huge mountian of hair which belonged to the people they slaugtered. The smell is just awful.

It's horrible that humans could do that to other humans, but when nationlism is met with religion zeal any country is capable of commiting the most awful astrocities against humanity.

Sorry for the lengthy explanation but this is something that had a profound impact on me.

-Mike Morabito

Idhrendur said...

Props on the work!

And yes, Ender's Shadow rocks. Sarah was reading it as we traveled from place to place. It makes me proud that my little sister would be not only reading it, but convincing everyone else to do so. Incidentally, she's the one who first got me to read Ender's Game.

Darth_Harbison said...

The Ender/Shadow series must have some strange effect on people named Sarah . . . 'twas my friend Sarah who first got me (and thus indirectly AJ) into it . . .