A High Calling

Being a composer is the highest calling to which a musician can aspire. Performers, historians, theoreticians, educators--none of these would exist were it not for composers. And the composer must be well-versed and competent in all of these areas. He brings together all elements to create a work of art, which is then performed or interpreted or analyzed by others. If it is the task of such musicians, as is often said, to be servants of the music, it is the composer who is the master.

I no longer question, as I did when I was younger, that this is the calling to which I have been called. But I sometimes do question my ability to fulfill it in a worthy manner.


Rae said...
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Rae said...
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Anonymous said...


I have no doubts. Not only do your worthiness and talent display your true ability, but moreover, God called you to this profession for a reason. He will be faithful to the end.


p.s. and I love your music!

Darth_Harbison said...

Oh, shut up. You're amazing, and you know it.

:-P Incidentally, I'm disappointed . . . you couldn't find a better way to phrase, "the calling to which I have been called?"

Courtney said...

a couple things. firstly, i am totally excited that you will be a composer, and certainly a great one. And that I am getting to know you as you are becoming this great thing.

secondly, i was also a little disappointed at the wording as mentioned above. I think we should call it the 'greatness to which you have been called'.

thirdly, that guy says 'incidentally' just like you. :) hahaha

see you soon AJ!


Rae said...

I must admit, the deleted comments are mine. I was trying to send you a link and the website (not yours) wouldn't allow it :P Oh well, ask me about it some time, you'd love it! Although I can't go to the choir concert (grrr, I really wanted to) I can go to the composition thingy. I expect greatness.

Narisilme said...

I am so excited, just as Courtney said, that I am getting to know to you as God calls you to this. It's an honor to be a part of your life. I can't wait to see how you will become more and more like Him and how you will develop in your art. And, of course, I'm looking forward to November 30th!

*love the hot pink pick, even if it is hot pink

Darth_Harbison said...

Courtney wrote:
"thirdly, that guy says 'incidentally' just like you. :) hahaha"

"That guy" happens to be AJ's younger brother . . . and as such, I tend to assimilate his vocabulary unintentionally ;-)

Darth_Harbison said...

Not to inundate this post with comments or anything . . .

But passing by your blog today (to get to Kati3's and Mike's, once I saw that you had no new post), I just briefly glanced at the title of this post, and it called to mind a memory. I'm sure you remember it, but just in case you don't . . . remember Grandad and Nicole's band, Call Higher?

So yes . . . remembering that made me laugh, so I figured I'd try to give you the same joy . . .

Robert said...


I think your calling is conducting.

Rob O

Idhrendur said...

That was interesting, though the problems were less challenging than I had hoped.

Okay, I admit I didn't actually DO most of them, but I knew the correct sequence of steps to get the correct answer. Actually taking those steps would have been a waste of time.

And I think you should go into teaching. It's almost as much fun as retail! ;-)