Rockin' the Big Straw

Thanks to everybody who made it out to the Big Straw to see my show on Friday night! It was really cool--an awesome venue--and Shannon Curtis, Concept6 and I all rocked. The premiere of the new song Who I Am was a success as well--even Shannon (whom I'd never met before) complimented me on it. (Although she didn't sign up on my mailing list... how disappointing. I was the first to sign up on hers.)

If you weren't able to make it out, it's okay. I forgive you. Especially Matt, who had a really good excuse. However... you get a chance to redeem yourself by coming to the Composers Forum at Cal State Fullerton next Thursday, November 30th, to hear my string quartet performed. All the details are on the Shows page of my website.

And speaking of the website, not only have the Shows and News pages been updated, but I've added a brand-new Photo Gallery as well! All the pictures on there right now are older ones, but I'll be uploading ones from the Big Straw soon and hopefully ones from McClain's earlier this year too. So check it out!

I may post again this weekend, since I'll have some time off (::BREATHES HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF::). Have a happy Thanksgiving--and don't forget to thank the turkey. Posthumously.

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Darth_Harbison said...

I'm really sorry I couldn't make it :-( . . . I would've MUCH rather been there than where I was. Extremely frustrating night . . . 4-and-a-half hour rehearsal with a single bright spot that lasted maybe 15-20 minutes. Guh.

But I'm happy to hear it went well. I'm excited to hear the song tomorrow!