Trip Out!

Mike has created a blog for the road trip. You should check it out:

A Journey Into The Heart Of America

You can check up on our planning progress, get any new info or updates, and even contribute to buying us a gallon of gas! (Which, by the way, we would all greatly appreciate....)

(And in case some of you still haven't read about the road trip, here is Mike's original post about it.)


Darth_Harbison said...

I saw that . . . it's cool to have one place where we can go to find all the info and buy you gas. Although I have no money, so I don't know how much gas you'll get from me.

When is the review of Ringing Bell coming??

Mike Morabito said...

AJ, you should post on that blog when you get the chance. Perhaps you can put new challenges on there as well or perhaps you could put up what you are most interested in seeing on the trip...that would be cool.