We're Ba-ack!

Team America has returned triumphantly from its journey into the heart of America! And subsequently, The Matrix Has You makes its own triumphant return!

A few random comments, links and insights for my first post back:

1. If you haven't been checking the road trip website regularly, we have hundreds of pictures available from our journey (the final days' worth will be posted soon), as well as blog posts from various places all over the country. If you have checked the website regularly, good job--why don't you head on over now and see if you've missed anything.

2. If you'd like to read the blog posts that I wrote on the website, here are the links (in chronological order):
But you really should read everybody's posts.

3. Due in part to Team America's visit and encouragement, my Uncle Tom--English major, construction worker, and talented poet extraordinaire--has started a blog (his first ever), where he'll be posting some of his poems. I personally love his poetry (you may notice I've added his name to my Blogger profile under the "Favorite Books" category), and I'd like to encourage all my readers to check out his new site. I have one caveat to offer to the prospective visitor:

But with that said, you can visit his site and leave a comment here: Flying Penguins.

4. A helpful insight from church this morning:

We have been saved from the penalty of sin (justification)
We are being saved from the power of sin (sanctification)
We one day will be saved from the presence of sin (glorification)

5. And finally, for your amusement, a T-shirt my brother found on the internet and almost bought me for Christmas (no word on why he decided not to; picture courtesy of onehorseshy.com):

It's so me.


Darth_Harbison said...

I didn't get it for you because what I DID get for you turned out to be kind of sort of rather expensive, so I didn't have the money to get you the shirt, too.

Welcome back!

Idhrendur said...

Welcome back. I need to hang out with all you guys. And I'm leaving for Paso Thursday night...

Flying Penguins said...

Thank you for all your support on the new blog. I'm interested in hearing from "Team America" so please pass it on. Nothing other than brutal honesty. Thanks again.

Ryan Maguire said...

You're blog is back. Horray! I missed it

Dj said...

I'm sorry bro, I didn't get that from you. It must be something they teach you in reformed pre-school or something. It's good to have you back, I didn't think I'd really miss you, but I did...a lot. I think that is a back-handed compliment.
one love,