Star Wars: Episode IV According To A Three-Year-Old

This is one of the funniest YouTube videos I've seen in a long time - a three-year-old girl summarizing Star Wars.

Star Wars according to a 3 year old.

Be sure to click the "more" link under "About This Video" on the right - it has some funny information.

After you've watched that video, if you have two more minutes to spare, watch this version, with clips of the movie spliced in:

Star Wars according to 3 year old (with clips)

In a few days a blog post actually related to me and my life--instead of just relaying funny stuff from the internet--will be forthcoming, I promise....

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Mike Morabito said...

Too bad my work blocks youtube with that communist web blocker that I have on my office computer. I will have to remember to check this out on my home computer.

I'm sure the 3 year old describing star wars is very funny. I love star wars.

Also, on a promise to blog more, that is a promise I support (in general). I feel like our blogging community completely died while we were on our trip or something...do you feel that way to?