This Is For All My Artist Friends (Who Don't Read My Blog Anymore)

(Except for Eleanor--she's the only artist friend left who still reads it....)

I saw this today on Dr. George Grant's blog, Grantian Florilegium, and thought it was awesome, and thought I'd pass it on to all of you. ("All" of you! As if I had lots of readers! Ha! ha!)

(This is my first experiment with embedding video. Isn't it exciting?)


Rauta Tanw├źnya said...

Do I not count? I'll have you know that I've consistently read your blog for... let's see... two years and six months as of four days ago. SO.

The film was great, I'll be passing it on to my Animal Wildlife Drawing instructor. She'll love it.

...I wonder if those were BBQ deer ribs?

Mike Morabito said...

Luckily my communist browser blocker blocked out the video from your post or I may just have to become an artist. haha

I will have to view this on another computer when I get the chance.

ps. going to Art museums is awesome, remember that time that we spent all day in the Chicago Institute of Art. That was intense/good.

Ryan Maguire said...

That was pretty freakin cool