Hold Please, Your Readership Is Very Important To Me....

I'm planning to post another Listening Page this Sunday; I'm also waiting to hear about a job possibility; and pending that job I'm waiting to move. Currently circling in a holding pattern.... In the meantime, check these out:

  • My Literary Ramblings. This is my cousin Nicole's first blog, so head on over, leave her a comment and welcome her into the blogging world.

  • Jason & Nolan Livesay. These twin brothers, both of whom have been involved in LifeHouse (Nolan wrote all the music for their current show, The Rise of King David), are amazing. They're amazing vocalists, amazing violinists, and amazing composers. If you click on the "Live Music" link on their homepage, and then click "albums / media" (or, as a shortcut, if you just click here) you can watch some incredible videos of their violin performances, especially the "Best of JASON & NOLAN live!" and "Devil Went Down to Georgia." Your face will be rocked off.

  • Isn't this cool? I discovered the HTML code for making an unordered list....


Mike Morabito said...

AJ, great work on the discovering the html code for an unordered list. Of course if you wanted to make an ordered list (numbered) you would use the "ol" attribute rather than "ul". I feel like my html skills will actually decrease now that I am using Dreamweaver so much so that is good/bad. It is awesome.

I can't wait to hear about your job, if you can you should post the details of your position here.


Nicole said...

Thank you AJ!
html code is too complicated for me...so lost :)