Recent Blogs of Note

A quick update on some of the blogs I've been reading lately. My attention to these is more sporadic than the blogs currently in the sidebar, which is why these latest won't be added there; but you should still check them out yourself anyway.

1. Eleventary. This is a new blog by George Grant that has as its premise that each post (not including the title) must be exactly eleven words. The blog's tagline is "An Exercise in Compositional Conciseness, Preciseness, and (Sometimes) Not So Niceness" (which also has eleven words--count 'em!). Try commenting on one of his posts, using eleven words, and you'll find that it's not as easy as it seems. There's nothing too profound or crazy here but it makes for a fun read.

2. The Scriptorium Daily. This is a blog sponsored by Biola's Torrey Institute; my brother Mark is currently taking Torrey's high school course and will be entering the official Torrey Institute at Biola in the fall. The professors write on a very wide range of topics, from politics to theology to art to culture to Super Smash Bros. Brawl to the drawings of one of the authors' seven-year-old son. I haven't found an RSS feed, and even if I did I probably wouldn't add it to my Google Reader because there are multiple posts per day. But I wish I had time to read all of it because it's all brilliant. My favorite contributors are John Mark Reynolds, who has offered some amazingly insightful comments on the upcoming election and literature and love and marriage and--well, suffice it to say he's awesome (he's also the one who wrote a review of Brawl); and Fred Sanders, Mark's personal favorite, who is just as brilliant and even funnier. Check it out.

3. Inland Traveler. This is the latest blog by Carolyn Burns Bass, Marge's mother and one of my favorite bloggers (you may remember her brilliant blog, Fun With Blanks). "CBB" is writing a weekly column for the Riverside Press-Enterprise newspaper, which will be posted on the Inland Traveler blog. So go along for the ride!

Alright, I'm done for now. I've typed "< a href="http://blahblahblah">" so many times I'm about to turn into an "a href" myself. Whatever the heck that is.


Mike Morabito said...

Linking to other blogs is a surefire way to bring more traffic back to your own.

Also, "a href" basically stands for anchor hypertext reference and it basically is referencing a page on the web either on your own site as an "internal" link or on page outside your server, an "external" link.

Mike Morabito said...

...also, "a href" kinda makes think me think of a barfing sound someone would make when barfing, which you know, I love so much. What's your personal barfing update? Any news to report? haha.

I could see us being paid bloggers one day, as that is becoming more and more the modus operandi for a lot of companies to get their message out. You should considering adding a blog to your music site at some point, for music related posts.

Mike Morabito said...

Btw, I really enjoyed counting to eleven everywhere on the page on the first one. Funny.