An Awesome Comic I Just Had To Share

This one's for Courtney. And for what Mark will learn soon.

(Credits: I saw it on the Language Log, and it's originally from xkcd.com.)


Darth_Harbison said...


I've seen very few xkcd strips, but all of the ones I have have been very funny.

I . . . look forward to learning/experiencing this . . .?

Idhrendur said...

xkcd is great! In a twisted, 'I shouldn't really recommend this' kind of way.

Mike Morabito said...

Hilarious! I love the time till they figure out the topic factor. Very funny.

Nicole said...

I think I should be offended that the most hilarious part of that is on literary criticism since thats what I do and yet it's still funny :)
<3 Nicole

Courtney said...

AJ! That is damn funny! I have been looking forward to getting back to blog reading, and I officially apologize for taking so long to get back over here-- Thank you for making it well worth my while.

I love this comic because it is so true! And yet not only are people still reading and writing on this BS, but people are still buying the books and paying to take the classes! Out of control. But I love it. I hope when I start reading and writing on this nonsense people will buy my books and take my classes too!

Cheers to making Derrida turn in his grave! (Is that messed up?)(Hahaha!)


bellevoce said...

hahahahahahahaha! I've always said that my major isn't really English Lit, I'm really going to graduate with a degree in bull sh*t! haha, that's great!

So I hope that I'll finally commit to continued blogging from now on out. Sorry that I've been so MIA! I hope you've been well!