An Awesome Video

I know I've been posting a lot of stuff of other people's lately, and not so much stuff from my life, but this is too good to resist. (And hey, maybe you, my few but faithful readers, enjoy that more anyway.) This is an awesome video. Watch the subtitles. And if Eleanor and/or Mrs. C still read this blog, we'll have to get their input regarding Louisiana and Texas.

(Credit: I saw this on a blog I read, from a blogger who has [with this post] returned from a long blogging absence: Imprimis.)

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Courtney said...

This makes me smile.

Did anyone else notice that the Florida shape is actually California?

Pretty funny. Makes me hungry for Lucielle's BBQ. I am planning a double date, that was going to include a lower budget dinner followed by wine tasting, but maybe we can save up our quarters and splurge on barbeque if anyone is feeling it... or we could just split it into two moderately priced dates.