JMR vs. Newsweek

I don't know if anyone reads this blog anymore, but I wanted to share two articles with you, if you're still out there. The first is an article Newsweek ran last week, entitled "Our Mutual Joy," that argued that the Bible supports gay marriage:

"Our Mutual Joy"

I was so frustrated as I read the article because of how grossly the authors misunderstood and twisted Scripture. I was close to commenting on the article, but decided not to because there was just too much to respond to. And (interestingly enough) the article received so many comments from both sides that they actually had to disable comments for a while because the volume was too large.

Fortunately for me, Dr. John Mark Reynolds, a professor in the Biola Torrey Honors Institute and a brilliant writer, has written a terrific response to the article. I would highly suggest it to all my readers:

"An Obvious Truth: The Bible Supports Traditional Marriage

As always, JMR's essay is brilliant and clearly shows up the false assumptions and claims of the Newsweek article while also touching on principles of biblical interpretation and even how to read old books in general. JMR vs. Newsweek: JMR wins with a knock-out in the first round!