A Heck of a Lot of Comments; let's do it again

Awesome! I never dreamed I'd get 18 comments on my first serious post. I'm very excited that people are seeing my blog as an appropriate forum for discussion, and that I'm getting so many intelligent and well-thought-out responses. I'll probably participate more myself in future discussions, but that's for another day. Today, a poem I wrote 2 summers ago (summer 2004) while on my Keynote missions project with Campus Crusade. I was having my quiet time in the morning outside for a change, and I wrote this poem. Enjoy--feedback is appreciated. (Untitled, in case you were wondering.)

Each bird, as it sings
declares the glory
of its
Each star, as it dances
sings His
The sun in his course,
the moon in her path,
the clouds as they fly
tell His splendor.

Each car, as it roars
declares the glory
of its
Each building, as it stands
sings his
The airplane in its course,
the freeway's path,
weather balloons fly
in predictable patterns
of worn and tired

But the grass, the trees, the flowers
stained, torn, trampled
tinctured of the dark that surrounds them,
in need of cleansing,

My heart, my soul, my mind
dark pathways oft trodden
blackened by stains
too deep to reach
in need of cleansing, washing,





Anonymous said...
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Darth_Harbison said...

Very nice . . . . . . and . . . yeah. I never know what else to say.

But yes. It was very good.

And NOTE TO ALL: since I'm sure you're all anxious, I will be updating my blog within the next few days, hopefully tomorrow.

Cormack McKinney said...

Very good. :)
It reminds me a little of Proverbs 8, just kind of the mood of the poem.

Narisilme said...

Interesting juxtaposition...
¤D <--alien happy face.

I really like how the first two stanzas are parallel and yet, of course, different. It's effective.

Rae said...

HAHAHAHAAA!!! NOW whos advertising on other peoples BLOG?!?! HUH! yeah i thought so.

Darth_Harbison said...

I wasn't actually advertising, I was just sparing myself the trouble of posting on mine . . . so THERE! Take THAT!!