Quote of the Day

(...although it's actually from Tuesday night...)

"If [Christianity] could conquer the Roman Empire, it can defeat Tom Hanks with a mullet!"
- Mike Morabito

In case you're wondering, yes, I do plan to see the movie, and no, I don't think that it will live up to the hype AT ALL. Christianity has been making the biggest deal out of this--an even bigger deal than they made about The Passion when it came out in 2004. Campus Crusade especially said (and this is a literal quote, I'm not making this up) that The Passion had the potential to become "the biggest evangelistic tool in history." And what happened? It came, people saw it, it went. It was a great movie, but it wasn't nearly the "biggest evangelistic tool in history" (you know, I'd have to say that would be the Bible. Any seconds on that?).

I think the same thing will happen with The Da Vinci Code, although obviously the hype is in the opposite direction. Yes, it contains lies about Christianity. ::looks around while crickets chirp:: Um.... Sorry to disappoint you, folks, but Christianity has been coming up against lies for more than 2000 years. This is not a new thing. And yes, many people are stupid and will come away from the movie with misconceptions about Christianity. Um, yeah, if you've ever talked to people about Christianity, many of them already have misconceptions. Once again, this is nothing new. And most people will understand the movie for what it is, a story, and can enjoy it for its entertainment value. Or not, as the case may be; I've read some reviews that have panned the movie for uninspired directing, clunky acting and mediocre action sequences (read EW's review here). In any case, there's no chance it will live up to its hype. ::imitating Will Ferrell imitating James Lipton:: "Your thoughts?"


Cormack McKinney said...

I completely agree.

Darth_Harbison said...

Well, yeah, duh. People are ridiculous.

It might interest you to know that Dad actually told me that he thinks The DaVinci Code will be a BETTER evangelistic tool than The Passion, because it will interest the culture more (or something along those lines . . . don't really remember the specifics).

As for how it will be as a movie . . . pretty much every review I've read or heard tell of was negative. The only positive one, however, comes from pretty much the only film critic I really trust (Roger Ebert, of course). He said that it's absurd, but then movies are supposed to be, and that it's a lot of fun.

And also, not only does it star Tom Hanks, but it has Ian McKellen, and that alone is reason enough to see the movie. Heh . . . the review in The Press Enterprise said that it takes about an hour to set up the premise, and then "Ian McKellen shows up and almost single-handedly saves the film. . . . [H]e winks at Tom Hanks, as if to say 'Two oscars? THIS is what acting looks like, boy!'"

Darth_Harbison said...

Oh, ha-ha, sorry to leave another comment, but I just remember what it was that Dad said. He said that The DaVinci Code will be a better evangelistic tool because the culture will be more interested in it and it will get people thinking about spiritual things, whereas with something like The Passion, you wouldn't go to see it unless you were . . . *searches for word* . . . willing, I suppose, and prepared, to think about spiritual things. The DaVinci Code will take people a bit more off-guard. I think that's what he said . . . something like that.

Narisilme said...

I agree with you, aj. I want to see the movie because, not only does Ian McKellen make an entrance, but the stunning Audrey Tatou plays Sophie. I'm curious to see if she can convince me as someone other than Amelie.

p.s. Part I is found back in March.

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