Heck Freakin' YEAH.

So I just finished writing a 13-page research paper using more than 20 sources in less than 10 hours.

I compiled my bibliography yesterday, then this morning I went to the CSUF and CSULB libraries to get all my print sources. I got back around 2 pm and started writing, took a break for an hour and a half to eat dinner with Stephen and Jessica (and watch a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode), then went back to writing and finished at 1 am.

I'm so happy that it's done. The writing process actually went slower than I expected; I was juggling so many sources that I spent a lot of time just flipping back and forth between them. But I finished it in less than 10 hours.

Oh yeah.


Darth_Harbison said...

Yes, yes, we're all greatly impressed at your wondrous ability to finish big papers so quickly.

But the real question is . . . is it GOOD? Or is it obvious that it was done in less than ten hours?

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