I Am SOOO Wired

Taking a cue and inspiration from Stephen and my roommate M-bito, I finally decide to check into this whole RSS reader business. There's something that I like about clicking through all the links on my blog, seeing who might have updated recently, but another part of me thinks that this will be much more efficient. Plus I feel really cool and more technologically savvy than I really am to have such a great innovation at my fingertips.

Apparently Safari (the Mac internet browser I use) has its own RSS reader, but it required putting all the links I wanted into the "Bookmarks" menu, which idea I didn't like the sound of. Thus, again through the inspiration of M-bito, who is a great champion and user of every product Google has ever invented, I opted to go with Google Reader. And, as with the other Google products I've used (i.e. Gmail), I loved it. Their user interfaces are just so, well, user-friendly that we struck up a friendship at once.

The whole idea of the RSS reader is very cool to me, being organized and not liking random clutter lying around: this way I can put any and every blog I'm interested in on there, and I won't have to worry about keeping it on my blog or in my bookmarks, but it will just sit there nicely tucked out of site (heh heh) until it has something new on it, at which time I will be promptly notified by Google Reader. I love that.

And, also at M-bito's behest, you may notice that I've added a whole bunch of RSS feeds to the bottom of my sidebar (so that people can link to my feed). I'm not sure how I feel about that, especially after just going through that whole spiel about clutter; so I may take them down soon. Plus Blogger has a very simple feed which I'm sure most people who use RSS would know/be able to figure out. So they'll probably vanish in the near future. Enjoy them while you can.

As for the title of this post: At an earlier point in the night, I was transferring all my links into Google Reader, and to that end I had 3 Safari windows open, while I was simultaneously chatting online with Kati3, text messaging Mark, and listening to my iPod. I should have taken a picture with my digital camera and printed the picture directly from my printer using a SanDisk memory card while downloading Google Web Accelerator and typing this blog post on Microsoft Word. THEN I'd be really cool.


Rae said...

after updating all my links on my blog I realized that this RSS thing looks perdy good... to many blogs! and I don't want a notice in my mail every freakin day!

Rae said...


Mike Morabito said...


I am soo wired...oh wait I think that is the huge coffee I just had...whoops.

I feel like my RSS reader isn't updating in the way that it should...I am going to look into this to see if we both set ours up the right way.

In addition look out my article on http://moreburritos.com on the top ten ways to reach the world with your words where I will basically detail ten things that will spread the words of your blog to millions of people all around the globe.

-Mike Morabito

Anonymous said...

welcome to planet earth. your language is strange but I see some words that I recognize. Enjoy your stay. Try talking to the dolphins, I hear they're purdy smart. Honestly, AJ...u guys lost me after,"turn the computer on." t