The CSUF Rock Star Returns

Sorry folks; I know you've all been horribly disappointed that I haven't blogged recently. This past week has been the first week of school, and between said school, still working part-time (or not working, but part-time, as it so happens), and crazy Crusadeness things have been a little hectic. But now here on Thursday night I find a few stray moments to at least let you know that I'm still here. Aren't you happy? I'll probably post a real update/post sometime over the weekend or next week. For now, do three things:

1. Head over to Marge's mom's blog, Fun With Blanks, and fill out the latest blank there. Really cool.

2. Head over to His Holiness the Pope's blog, Ask The Pope, since he's returned from his long absence.

3. Enjoy these random quotes from my teachers this week:

"We're going to focus on the messy stuff." - Dr. Madsen in Advanced Form and Analysis, commenting on how it's the transitions and not the main themes that are the objects of interest in sonata form

"Look at exercise 'e,' for 'enigma.' It's like our own personal Sesame Street this morning." - Dr. Istad in choral conducting, commenting on how he chose a new word each time he said the letter of an exercise

And speaking of Sesame Street, I recently visited the Homestead apartments wearing my old Campus Crusade shirt with a big 4 on it (it says "Campus Crusade 4 Christ"), and Jessica sagely said:

"Today's program is brought to you by the letter 4!"


Mike Morabito said...

I love the picture of the pope waving. He is looking absolutely divine. haha jk

-Mike Morabito

EC's mom said...

Ahhhh, yes. All is right with the world now....AJ has blogged. Can you feel the release now of the color BLUE....ahhh yes. Thank you.The number 4; the color BLUE; this is soooo cool. I love Sesame Street but since EC has grown I now miss Sesame Street...however, I guess I could just watch it by myself....is this odd????

Darth_Harbison said...

I've always thought the muppets superior to Sesame Street, personally . . . I mean, Sesame Street never had Mark Hamill . . .

Sesame Street did have good music, though . . . and the lyrics were so deep so rich, so moving . . . incredible lyrics like, "Do not wubba me or I will wubba you."

Narisilme said...

Ah, yes, but Sesame Street did have Savion Glover and Gregory Hines!

I miss the Muppets. Bring them back to public television!!! Bring back the good stuff!!!

bellevoce said...

Yeah! You're back! I did miss seeing a recent blog, but then I get to read the myriad of older blogs of which I missed due to my only recent entrance to the blogging community. :)

Oh! I wrote the post you requested last week. Check it out!