New Linkage

Hey folks,
Well, it's about time to revamp the ol' links sidebar again. I deleted two or three blogs that haven't posted in a long time (although there are a few that haven't posted that are still on there, like, for example, Jessica's blog; these are teetering on the brink of destruction). But I've added three new ones, which I recommend you check out:

1. C-Pat's Blog (for those of you who don't know, this is Courtney Patino)
C-Pat is part of "Team America," the group of us who will be going on the best road trip ever next fall (for those of you who don't know, check out M-bito's post on it). She writes amazing posts on serious topics that you should check out (for those of you who don't know, reading serious blog posts is good for your mind).

2. Amy Grace's Blog
Amy Grace is a member of Campus Crusade at CSUF, a theater/directing/radio/TV/film person, and a really cool girl. You should check out her last post, which is an elegy to Merrilee's fish who died (apparently of TB) (for those of you who don't know, TB is an acronym for tuberculosis).

3. DJ's Blog
DJ is another member of Campus Crusade at CSUF, a philosophy/film/videography/guitar person, and a really cool guy. He just started his blog 2 weeks ago, but I've really enjoyed his posts so far--creative and thought-provoking. His second post, "Plea to the Muse," appealed to me especially (for those of you who don't know, the Muses were a group of nine Greek goddesses who governed the arts and sciences).

That's all for now! Feel free to continue offering condolences and/or advice regarding that cute soprano....

P.S. If you still haven't checked out C-Pat's blog despite my glowing review above, you need to go read her latest post, The Journey, right now. It's amazing.

P.P.S. Quote of the week, from my new favorite TV show, House:
Patient: “I just want to die with a little dignity.”
Dr. House: “There’s no such thing. Our bodies break down, sometimes when we’re 90, sometimes before we’re even born, but it always happens and there’s never any dignity in it. I don’t care if you can walk, see, wipe your own ass, it’s always ugly, always. We can live with dignity; we can’t die with it.”


Darth_Harbison said...

Is my blog one of those "teetering on the brink of destruction?" 'Cause, you know, a new post is finally in the works . . . No telling exactly when it'll be up, but sometime soon.

Yay for House :-D

"The eyes can mislead, the smile can lie, but the shoes always tell the truth."

Anonymous said...

K so I am working at this whole blog thing...
But this whole linkage thing has me confused and I am sad =(