An Amazing Poem That You Need To Read

Read my post here first, and then click this link:

Such A Sea

I've bragged about my brother's literary prowess here before, but with this he's really outdone himself. This poem is incredible. First of all, the subject matter he tackles is profound, but he handles it deftly. Secondly, I really like the structure--the consistent rhyme of the middle two lines of each stanza with the refrain that comes back at intervals. Thirdly, the poem is rhythmic but without being static--the rhythm is flexible and free. Fourthly, his imagery is really powerful. I could go on, but you just need to go read it.

This guy's wise beyond his years.


Darth_Harbison said...

Heh . . . thanks . . .

In regards to the comment you left on Stephen's blog, I'm not into World of Warcraft . . . I just love the comic. And apparently it's not even a parody of WoW after all, which means that I've been duped . . . but it rocks either way.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is teally good!

Courtney said...

i don't xanga so i couldn't comment there, but tell your bro that that is a really cool piece. I totally agree with your structural kudos, but even moreso, as a whole the flow of the structure and emotions are very well combined; it picks up great momentum as it goes, and resolves in a very honest way. I like it a lot. --C