3:33. That's Right. A.M.

Why do I do this to myself?

Over Christmas break I did a clean sweep erasure of everything on my computer, to remove clutter and (hopefully) to speed up general operations. Stupidly, I failed to back up my iTunes library, even though I could have done so. And thus I'm spending hours upon hours upon days of my life importing all 2000 songs and 8.5 gigs that I had on there before. You would not BELIEVE how long it's taking. And I want to finish it before school starts again on Monday. So I'm staying up until ridiculous and ungodly hours of the morning to do so. On Monday night (past), I stayed up until 5:30, catching up on emails but mainly just importing CDs. I do believe (as I remarked to Eleanor) that that's the lamest reason I've ever had for staying up that late.

Now I am to the stage where all I have left are my classical CDs. Which take far longer to import than anything else, 1) because each track is usually longer than on a non-classical CD and 2) because I'm much more picky about the titles of tracks and the artists; it gets much more complicated when you have a composer and a performer involved. Not to mention that the iTunes CDDB® database is much more inconsistent when it comes to classical music.

(Now everyone probably hates me, because this is the most uninteresting blog post ever. Please don't shoot yourself. I promise, usually I have much better things to say.)

Tonight, however, the importation process has given me the chance to catch up on a bunch of new Crusade folks' blogs which I hitherto have not had an opportunity to check out. So here they are presented for your RSS reading pleasure:

1. Amy Grace's New Blog
As my brother pointed out, since I last linked Amy Grace her blog address has changed. She currently has an entry (the second one, entitled simply "2006") which is a photo blog of the year just passed. Good stuff--the composite picture of her at the end of the entry is worth the price of admission.

2. Merrilee's Blog
Amy Grace's best friend and roommate, and one of my singers for Crusade CSUF. Warning: extremely random.

3. Jessica Rowley's Blog
A new(er) friend from Crusade. Features "Future Post" topics and a "Quote" at the end of each of her entries.

4. Ryan Klement's Blog
My drummer for Crusade CSUF, even though he's from Cal State Long Beach. His blog's sleeping beast inspired a hibernating dragon. (Only 3 or 4 people will get that joke... oh great, now I'm starting to sound like my brother)

5. Ryan Maguire's Blog
The man alternately known as "RYMAC" and "Hardcore." Probably my pick for the best blog of the five. Ryan is a quiet guy, an introvert like me, and I really enjoyed reading his blog posts and catching a glimpse of what goes on beneath the surface.

In other news... I can't believe school starts on Monday. I have so much I want/need to get done before then. Like compose 15 minutes' worth of music which I was supposed to have composed over the break. And now I have about 3 days to do it. Maybe I'll post next time about the pieces I'm in the process of writing; perhaps that will be more interesting.

And in the meantime, if you haven't read my brother's poem that I wrote about below, scroll down to my next entry here and follow the link. Amazing.


Amy Grace said...

These are my thoughts:

*The hibernating dragon!!!!!!!

*I really like that Merrilee's blog has a warning caption...

*That truly sucks that you lost your itunes.. I am definitely inspired to back mine up

*Go to bed

*Yes, your brother is cool

Darth_Harbison said...

Gosh, your opinion of my writing is just flip-flopping all over the place . . . first I'm "wise beyond his years," then I'm "oh great, now I'm starting to sound like my brother," and then I'm "amazing" again.

Smiles said...

Well, I think this post was fun to read. Though I love ramdom post and thoughts. Maybe that's because that's what my posts consists of right now. So still downloading cds I see. I remember before you left for your trip, you were downloading cds then too. Fun stuff. So now my question is, what type of Classical music do you like? Well, good luck with downloading the rest of your music. God Bless!!~


Merrilee said...

I like my warning caption too. That made my day!

Ryan Maguire said...

Hey AJ,
Thanks for the linkage to my blog! That's crazy how you know Brad from Midnight Hour! My favorite band Dogwood and them have the same drummer. I went to a Dogwood show last year and Midnight Hour was opening up for them. Did you hear that they got signed by Interscope? That's pretty crazy considering how young of a band they are.

Anonymous said...

Now you know how I feel. When my computer crashed it was literally 9 hours before I said to myself, "I should back up my iTunes...nah, I'll do it in the morning."

Consequently, I've been uploading CD upon CD for the past couple of months and I'm still nowhere near what I had before. Right now it's at 2,398 songs. That's less than half of what my iTunes used to consist of. I'll get there eventually....someday. But right now I'm backing up what I have so far just so it won't happen all over again.

(Sorry my comment is boring.)