Things I've Been Learning

With God, it's all or nothing. There can be no middle ground for His servants, His children. Over and over Scripture speaks of our God as a "jealous God;" this simply means that He loves us so fiercely that He will admit no other lover to capture the enchantment or the affections of His Beloved. Our allegiance cannot be divided. We cannot serve both God and Mammon; we cannot serve both God and Sex. We cannot serve both God and Religion, nor God and Campus Crusade or a church or (heaven forbid) a fellow man. He must consume all our affections, and all our other loves must flow from that inexhaustible Source.

God also admits no bargains. I've said to Him in the past, "You have to prove to me that what You have for me is better than what I can make for myself, or what this or that can offer me!" But it did not take me long to realize the folly of this. I am a child of the King, called by the King Himself; I have no choice but to offer Him everything. (Even my non-Calvinist friends will agree with this, I think....) I do not have the option of choosing between God and something else, based on the benefits that either will afford me. The choice has already been made: I have been chosen since before the foundations of the world to be holy and blameless before Him. All that remains to me is to embrace His choice. The choice was His, not mine.

And for that, I should be so eternally grateful that I should never rise from my knees.


Courtney said...


Mark said...

What Courtney said.

But also . . . are you TRYING to sound smart? Why do you have to say "mammon?" Why can't you just say "money" like the rest of us?

Courtney said...

unfortunately our dear friend AJ does not have to try... I have come to find that his mind just actually uses words like that. mammon. unimaginable authentic AJ. His mind gives me cause to keep a dictionary handy. Lucky Webster.

Idhrendur said...

Oh, I agree. The only choice we get is whether we fall on the Rock and are broken, or if the Rock must fall on us and break us. Either way, we are broken by him.