"At The Face Of A Majestic Night"

(N.B. I conceived the idea for this short bit of prose while walking by myself tonight. No similarity to actual persons, events, or recent dating relationships should be inferred. Honestly.)
(Mad props to the first commenter who can tell me what "N.B." stands for and what it means.)

He paused. The wind tousled his hair and gently caressed his face with the soft-falling rain. The leafed trees rustled amongst themselves and bowed respectfully as he passed, while the bare ones stood solemnly erect. The clouds, catching the light from the city below, reflected it back and created a glowing halo around the vast sky.

But he saw none of it; he thought only of her. He missed her, deeply and painfully. Somehow, without her, all of the night's beauty meant nothing.

He walked on.


Courtney said...

nota bene... i hardly deserve mad props for taking this challenge. i feel so cheap right now. how dare you trick me like that.

note well:pay attention:don't forget:listen up, hey. you should never put a challenge before a beautiful bit of prose, because people like me might miss it. luckily i convinced myself that i didn't need the mad props and to just enjoy the cool moment that you gifted me. and then i snapped back into reality, which said, "NB, Now Bitch!" at which point I had no choice but to summon my resources and take care of it.

so there you have it. I like your prosings, and I win your game.

drinks are on me.

Mark said...

So not fair . . . I TOTALLY knew what N.B. stood for, too . . . grar. Dang you Courtney.

Anyway . . . this is really cool. It actually vaguely reminds me of a really random, disjointed story I started writing a while back that (surprise surprise) never went anywhere . . .

Rae said...

Notable Bowels.

Very beautiful... for some reason I had skipped the itallics before reading the prose... I must admit I got a little teary eyed. And then I went and read the first half :P It was still beautiful.

Jessica said...

oh no! I wish I checked this earlier! I totally know what N.B. stands for! I wanted the mad props! =(
I had to use N.B. on some drawings I did for a class last semester so it's been fresh in my mind!

Courtney said...

Jessica, I absolutely love that you "had to" use N.B. for something. Ever. You get mad props form me for that.

Courtney said...

Time to put up a new blog about you being a rock star so we can all talk about how great you were on Friday night. Thank you.