I'll Produce This Da[r]n Recital If It's The Last Thing I Do...

... and it very well may be. In the last hour and a half I sent 11 separate emails and made a few phone calls trying to coordinate all my performers and find some other ones (still looking for a clarinetist and a string quartet; anybody know anybody?). This blasted thing is consuming my whole life.

Hopefully a new post will be forthcoming within a few days; thank God for spring break.


Narisilme said...

SPRING BREAK!!!!! Hope yours is as exciting as mine. The fam and I are going to see a Scottish fiddler on Wednesday! There will be no stopping me after that. I'm sure Oregon does fiddlers better than it does Mexican food.

I hope you can get some rest this week and that your recital will continue to pull together. It will!

Raelynn said...

Good luck ma-man! I'm bummed that i didn't invite you to Luke's senior recital (Sean's English Composer friend). instead I called and left a two.5 min segment of Humpty Dumpty's Song based on Alice in Wonderland poems. Okthen. I'll find you a CD.