College Graduation is a Remarkable Phenomenon

Interesting things start happening to you when you're about to graduate.

1. Whenever anyone starts talking about classes or plans for "next semester," your mind immediately zones out.

2. The only reason you have for looking at a Fall 2007 class schedule is to see if one of your graphic-design-major friends designed it.

3. When you see banners on campus that say "Congratulations Graduates," you smile and say, "Thank you!"

(Interactive post: Any interesting graduation phenomena of your own? Post a comment!)


maTT said...

It feels so wrong, yet so right that you are not joining your friends in signing up for jury times.

You see the deadline forr Fall registration and feel no worry whatsoever.

Mark said...

Oh, yes, I have SO many interesting graduation phenomena to mention . . .

So I have to ask . . . DID one of your graphic-design-major friends design it?

Narisilme said...

You see them putting up tents around campus and you exclaim, "Is this for me?!!!! Is it finally here?!!!!"

Nope, nevermind. Those were just for the Donate Life Race and job fair.

Warrior of Zion said...

none that he knew mark, but I know him. his name is brian.

dan should have won! grr.... his rocked. actually brian was shocked that he won, we all were. :) ...but it is ALOT better than some years past. anyone remember "titan pops?" yyyyyyuuuuuck! yuck yuck! or "'pluse' and minus?"

my only phenomena was after rolling my eyes at the poor design and type setting of those signs, I smiled and said to those signs, "yes." and held my head high and proud and said "those signs are for me this year!" Last year I said with my head held high, "someday those signs will be for me!"