A Short Lesson In Etymology; Or, Why The NAACP Needs To Study Greek

From the news story at www.msn.com, specifically this article:

"The NAACP held a symbolic funeral in Detroit 63 years ago for Jim Crow.

"The civil rights organization will do the same this summer for the 'N' word, the Rev. Wendell Anthony said Sunday.

"Anthony, president of the civil rights organization's Detroit branch, said members and supporters of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People will conduct services and a 'eulogy' for the racial slur. The mock funeral will be held during the NAACP national convention July 7-12 in Detroit, he said."


Anybody care to enlighten these people as to what a "eulogy" is? Let me take a crack at it:

The word comes from two Greek roots: "eu," meaning "good" (reference this page and consult the third table), and "logos," meaning "word" or "speech" (the third table on this page). Thus a "eulogy" is a good word or good speech, and is generally used to denote a speech at a funeral lauding the person who has passed away and encouraging fond remembrance.

Ah yes, let's all celebrate and remember the good times we've had with the "N-word." So sad that it's gone. But at least it's in a better place.


Anonymous said...

That, my friend, was awesome. and funny. awesomely funny.

Mark said...

*watches Al Sharpton call you a racist*

Idhrendur said...

I love it!

Warrior of Zion said...

I just don't know what to say to that...

Mike Morabito said...

hahahaha (**laughing out loud from my cubicle.**)