Well, I've finally made the switch...

... from Safari to Firefox as my default web browser.

It was a tough decision. I've used Safari ever since I've had my computer (seeing as Internet Explorer ::spits:: was the only other alternative that came with it), and I've always loved it. I like the way it looks, it had all my customizable settings just the way I liked them, it had all my bookmarks in the right place....

But it was time for a change. I've run into several websites that don't work properly on Safari, and since the primary alternative for those sites besides Firefox is Internet Explorer ::spits::, Firefox seemed the best way to go. It seems to run faster on my computer, somehow. And Firefox is like the Google (products) of web browsers--young, hip, postmodern and edgy.

There are still some things I don't like about Firefox. I think that the way Safari looks is sharper--the big icons for back, forward, reload, etc. in the top left corner of Firefox look silly to me, like large print. It was slightly annoying to take the 10 minutes it required to transfer all my bookmarks over. And it lacks some nice Mac shortcuts that Safari had: like pressing the down key to go to the end of a line of text, or being able to type the first letter of a button in a dialogue box along with Command to push that button instead of having to click it. But I'm afraid I'll have to go without such things. ::sheds a single tear for Safari::

Goodbye, Safari; rest in peace. Hello, young hip edginess.

UPDATE: I think I may have jinxed myself. Ever since posting this, Firefox has been running unnaturally slowly and I've had various kinds of problems. It's also started to put a text cursor wherever I click on a page, even if it's on a button (and it stays there for a while, since it loads slowly now), which is really annoying. Killer.


Mike Morabito said...

I'm glad to hear that you made the switch to Firefox...it has some pretty cool features and generally runs faster.

The CEO of firefox loves it so much that she does her hair to look like the logo: http://www.smh.com.au/ffximage/2007/05/02/mitchellbaker_narrowweb__300x209,0.jpg



Darth_Harbison said...

I think this brings up an interesting question . . . Where do your loyalties truly lie? You're such a huge advocate of everything Mac, but when a "young, hip, postmodern and edgy" program comes along you abandon the Mac product you've used for years in favor of this newer, shinier product.

So I ask you: Where is your loyalty? Does your loyalty rest with Mac, or with whatever new, shiny thing comes along and catches your eye?

And Firefox is probably acting up on you because you called it postmodern. I'd be upset if you told me I didn't believe in absolute truth.

Idhrendur said...

A step in the right direction.

Now everyone just needs to realize the wonderfulness that is Opera.

Rauta Tanw├źnya said...

Sean doesn't like Firefox for that very reason, it doesn't ever seem to work properly for him. I on the other hand, started using it when I came to GMR and then started using it at home.

Stay away from Opera.