Train Thought For The Day

Every good happiness and joy we experience in this life is really just a foretaste of the infinite joy and satisfaction we will experience in God in the next life. And in the same way, every sinful deception that promises happiness and joy, but lets us down and leaves us unsatisfied and empty, is really just a foretaste of the infinite emptiness and unsatisfaction we would experience without God in the next.

"untitled 3 is my title
for this appendicular poem,
pointed only by this particular moment.
I put all pretense to rest.

hello sinners,
are you sinning less?
I tell you,
it makes no difference.
But listen now to this:

The Logos
was not only a man.
He is The Logos,
Who by Him(self)
became a man.

I hope you reverberate
and have no peace, sinners,
while you sin.
By OLogos,
I behoove you
to pray the same for me."

- Aaron Little


Mike Morabito said...

Thanks AJ.

Good perspective. The happy moments of love and joy give us a brief taste of heaven on earth, I agree.

I pray that we will hunger for heaven more and more each day. Amen.


Idhrendur said...


Incidentally, someone in my kin on LOTRO said "Train" the other day. From the context, it could have even been the correct usage, but I'm not certain (they didn't reply to my question).