You Know You're From Redlands...

Maybe this is kinda messed up--one, because I'm going to quote people without citing who they are, and two, because I don't support groups on Facebook anyway--but I ran across a funny group on Facebook today called "You know you're from Redlands...." Here are some of the best ones (edited for spelling, punctuation and grammar, of course):

#4. People from RHS [Redlands High School] say REV [Redlands East Valley] is ghetto, while people from REV wish they had been eligible to go to RHS (they tried to use their aunt's address) and take their anger out by beating RHS in sports.

#5 (this one's for Mike). If you went to RHS you kind of regret it, just because you can't TECHNICALLY say you went to the same high school as Landon Donovan. If you went to REV you tell everyone you went to high school with Landon Donovan.

#7. You would be very upset if they decided to tear down the Redlands Post Office, and you might be convinced to march in protest. This would become the most politically charged event in Redlands in about 100 years.

#13. The smell of orange blossoms makes you suddenly misty-eyed.

#18. Del Taco at 2 am is the shadiest your town ever gets.

#21. Going the 7 miles to get In-N-Out is an epic journey. A lot of shit can happen in 7 miles. You make the weenies who were too lazy to go with you regret they missed all the cool stuff that supposedly happened along the way. Next time, you get Bakers.

#31. When everything closes at 10 o'clock regardless if they say they are open 24 hours.

#39. When the food court at the mall consists of "Hot Dog on a Stick."

#50. When you call everyone in your phone book just to find a party on a Friday night... because the only other thing to do is hang out in a parking lot.

#51. When the only reason you come home from college is to get Bakers and Cuca's.

#53. You drive down Citrus, Grove, or Orange and don't see (hardly) any orange trees or groves.

#57. You know what that R on the hill stands for.

#58. You can't figure out why people are excitedly saying "Let's go to the mall!"

#63. You don't think there's anything strange about going shopping in a "Doughnut Hole."

And, my personal favorite (and dedicated to Eleanor):
#55. You know you're from Redlands when your college friends come to visit over break and you give them the "grand tour," which takes three and a half minutes, and then are left with absolutely nothing to do.

Ah. So true.


Mike Morabito said...
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Mike Morabito said...
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Mike Morabito said...


This is hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

Also, thanks for being self-depreciating in some sense of the word.


Darth_Harbison said...

Ahhh-ha-ha-ha-ha . . . That's awesome.

You might also want to check out, "You Know You Were Homeschooled When..." It's the same type of deal, and I think you'd rather enjoy it.