... And Then He Was Gainfully Employed!

Greetings readers:
I am proud and thrilled to announce that after four months of job searching, I am finally employed! I received my informal offer over the phone and then through email, and I'm just waiting for the formal letter from HR. The company is Rauxa Direct (www.rauxa.com), in Costa Mesa, and I'll be working with my good friend (and old roommate) Doug Pierson. It's not a music job, but I'm content and I'm excited about it--and of course I'll continue to compose rocking music on the side.

Four months of job searching, and then five weeks after first sending in my application to Rauxa. Mike tells me that four months is pretty typical for today's job searcher; it seemed interminable to me. But now it's all over. He and I will be looking for an apartment in the Irvine/Tustin/Santa Ana area soon, so if you know of anything hit me up.

And in the meantime--Claim Jumper tonight with the fam to celebrate!


Ryan Maguire said...

Congrats dude!!!!

Nicole said...


Jessica said...

YAY AJ!!!! That's so exciting! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!