The Listening Blog Lives!

Yes, it's true--my latest project, a new blog, is officially being launched today!

The Listening Blog (www.thelisteningblog.com)

I created this blog basically to force myself to listen more closely to the world around me, and to force myself to analyze what I hear and write about it. As a composer, listening to me is as essential as reading to a writer, and I feel that I don't listen analytically nearly as much as I should. So I'll be posting on this blog hopefully four to seven times a week, generally short posts, about a wide variety of topics: music I'm listening to on CDs or my iPod, movie scores, classical music, pop music, interesting non-musical sounds, composition projects I'm working on, etc. Some upcoming posts will include the musical end of the TV show Alias, two film soundtrack reviews (including musical examples), and comments on songs by Aaron Copland and Dave Matthews. Although it may become technical at times, I feel like anyone who's interested in music of any kind will find it entertaining and/or enlightening. So head on over, check it out, and leave me a comment so I know you're "listening"!

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