A Cool Picture

So, most (if not all) of you know how excited I am to be turning 21 this coming year. Only 11 months, 3 weeks and 1 day to go!

In that vein, while coming home from running some errands this afternoon, I decided to take a detoured route, and ended up on Tustin Ave. (which turns into Rose Dr. in Fullerton), and I saw this sign:

Click Here

Perhaps in a parallel universe, an older version of me has already gotten busy.


Narisilme said...

Oh, man...it's on...

Anonymous said...

Hello, sir.

Yes, I remember meeting you and the Posse on that fated Fourth of July. I do believe you had the likeness of a frog on your arm? Most memorable, indeed.

Thank you for the kind comment, by the way. I always worry that my short passages are too short for the readers, but for some reason when I try to add anything it seems to take away from it. I must have the record for the shortest short stories ever.