A Poem from Keynote

This is another poem (the second of two) that I wrote during my quiet times during the Keynote Summer Project of 2004. (You can read the first one, which I posted back in October of last year, here.) It's based on Hosea 7:11-16, but specifically the image of the net in verse 12. I've often been encouraged in my walk rereading this poem after falling into sin, and I hope that it might be encouraging to y'all as well.


In this race I run
I hit a snag, I stumbled,
I fell.
I chased in to the forest,
An apparition of beauty before me, but
'Twas only dust.

He cast His net upon me,
I fell.
I cursed the ground, the net, the trees
I railed again the sky.

He pulled, He drew
I turned, I saw
I rose.
I followed.
I ran again.

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